Unified Infrastructure Management

Unified Infrastructure Management

Any environment. One solution. Intelligent management.

  • Your IT infrastructure is complex – but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult to manage. StrataCloud provides a unified infrastructure management solution for virtual, converged and cloud environments. We simplify and automate management allowing you to make intelligent, validated decisions that speed deployment, optimize performance, right-size capacity and increase IT productivity.

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The StrataCloud Difference

  • Unified, data-driven architecture. Many vendors in the infrastructure management industry have “developed” their solutions through acquisition. Not us. Built from the ground up, our data-centric architecture provides more granular and accurate visibility into what’s happening across your infrastructure so you can manage it in a unified way.
  • Situational intelligence. Your complex IT infrastructure operates as a system – why wouldn’t you manage it that way? StrataCloud analyzes and prioritizes data within the context of your unique IT and business requirements so you can intelligently manage your infrastructure to service-level demands. Through a single pane of glass, we provide an interrelated, historical and forward-looking view so you can make validated decisions that simplify, expedite and optimize.
  • Adaptive Automation. StrataCloud does more than just analyze and report – it can take action. Our adaptive automation capabilities put you in control so you can determine if and when you want the system to take corrective action automatically or when you will use the data-driven, validated recommendations to quickly respond.


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How can you benefit from StrataCloud?

  • Optimize IT resources to reduce waste
  • Improve infrastructure performance based on your unique business and IT requirements
  • Speed deployment of applications and hardware
  • Simplify and improve capacity planning, especially for peak utilization
  • Expedite troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Predict and prevent performance bottlenecks
  • Boost IT productivity and reallocate staff to more critical tasks
  • Improve customer (business user or external) satisfaction
  • Ensure compliance with internal, service-level and regulatory requirements
  • Increase business agility and responsiveness