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Virtualization Management

Reflex Virtualization Management Center

Reflex's award-winning Virtualization Management Center (VMC) manages and protects virtual servers, desktops, and networks providing a management, security and compliance solution that correlates infrastructure configuration changes, network services and security events for performance impact; enabling organizations to increase business efficiency and business continuity in the virtual data center.

Reflex's comprehensive virtualization systems management solution is designed to provide customers with the essential management capabilities needed to:

  • Effectively manage and secure the complex, dynamic virtual environment,
  • Capitalize on the existing virtualization investment,
  • Reduce cost through efficient management,
  • Increase performance of the virtual infrastructure,
  • Minimize downtime,
  • Provide flexibility and scalability for IT resources,
  • Maintain a reliable virtualized infrastructure running critical business applications.

VMC Components

Reflex's virtualization management and autoation solutions are comprised of several components that can function independently or work in conjunction to provide a customized solution based on the organizational needs.

This integrated approach vastly improves the ability for organizations to manage, scale, and automate virtualized data centers and private clouds.

Reflex solutions integrate monitoring, management and security for better utilization of shared resources and automation of data center operations to help companies reduce cost, increase performance, and provide flexibility and scalability for IT resources.

VMC Management Console

Reflex VMC is comprised of the VMC management console that provides a single point of management for both the award-winning vTrust and vWatch technology components. The VMC management console also serves as an integration point with third-party interfaces and cloud service providers.

  • Discovery & Visualization
  • Capacity Planning and Performance Analytics
  • Central Alerting
  • Event Correlation
  • Policy Automation
  • Reporting of the entire virtual infrastructure

vCapacity Planning

vCapacity offers comprehensive capacity planning and performance analytics that enable customers to analyze, forecast and plan for efficient resource utilization to optimize performance within the virtualized data center or private cloud environment. vCapacity, when combined with the other modules of the Virtualization Management Center (VMC), delivers granular trending, alerting, and reporting functionality in the context of a single, integrated virtualization management suite.

  • Improve both CAPEX and OPEX efficiency by increasing VM density while maintaining application performance
  • Gain granular insight and control over planning and forecasting to predict resource allocation and reclamation
  • Understand capacity and performance in context of the entire infrastructure due to the tight integration with broader virtualization management capabilities
  • Maintain data fidelity over time to ensure more accuracy and better decision-making ability as users plan and continue to expand virtualized infrastructure

vTrust Security

Reflex's vTrust virtual security technology provides true data center policy management and enforcement across the entire virtualized environment whether it is hosted locally or in a private or public cloud. vTrust leverages VMware VMsafe technology to provide a more granular level of visibility and control into the communication within your VMware virtual environment, allowing more sophisticated segmentation, policy enforcement and virtual network security to enforce VM-to-VM traffic.

  • Virtual Firewall
  • Virtual IDS/IPS
  • Segmentation through Trust Zones
  • Compliance and Policy

vWatch Monitoring

Reflex's vWatch monitoring technology enables organizations to manage and monitor the virtual environment by providing timeline-based insight into who is doing what, when and when within the virtual infrastructure. vWatch tracks all infrastructure changes, configuration changes, and software asset inventory and more than 150 performance metrics across the host, guest (VM), network and storage and provides centralized alerting and reporting.

  • Change Control and Configuration Management
  • Software Asset Inventory
  • Performance
  • Compliance and Policy

vProfile Configuration

Reflex's vProfile configuration management technology provides a comprehensive solution to streamline and manage the configuration of virtualized hosts, virtual machines, and multiple VMware Virtual Centers by setting configuration baselines, quickly identifying variations and performing remediation.

  • Configuration Management
  • Compliance
  • Automation

Integrated Console

VMC integrates security, compliance, audit and overall management of the virtual environment by providing visibility, correlation, control and automation through a single pane of glass.

VMC Screen Shot

  • 1Change Control & Configuration Management
  • 2Virtual Infrastructure Discovery & Mapping
  • 3Software Asset Management
  • 4Virtual Network Security (FW/IDS/IPS) & Segmentation
  • 5Performance analysis on CPU, Memory, Network & Storage
  • 6Audit & Compliance Timeline & Alerts
  • 7Virtual Infrastructure Alarms & Alerts

Enabling Technology

vSphere 5 Support

Reflex VMC 3.0 provides full support for VMware's vSphere 5, helping enterprises to optimize large-scale vSphere 5 licensing scenarios while enhancing overall management. Enterprises can leverage Reflex VMC to streamline migrations to vSphere 5 environments, and then to right-size and reclaim resources, and manage costs and licensing impacts.

Virtualization Query Language (VQL)

VMC leverages VQL, Reflex’s patent-pending domain-specific query language, which enables it to extract asset and topology data from the underlying hypervisor and abstract it into an easily searchable and logic-based database that significantly improves scalability, performance and automation.