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TippingPoint and Reflex Systems Partner to Secure Virtual Data Centers

TippingPoint Taps Reflex To Advance Virtual Security Offering

Atlanta, Georgia, 2/22/2010 - TippingPoint, a leading provider of network security and a division of 3Com, and Reflex Systems, a pioneer in virtualization systems management solutions today announced a partnership that will enable organizations to secure virtual networks with the same technology used for physical networks. The partnership integrates Reflex's Virtualization Management Center (VMC) solution with TippingPoint's industry-leading Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), to provide customers with comprehensive security, visibility and performance across both physical and virtual network infrastructures.

Companies are adopting virtualization at a rapid pace for cost, energy, and speed of deployment benefits. As they move mission critical data to virtual environments, they find themselves requiring the same enterprise-class security in their virtual networks as they do across their physical networks. Securing and managing the virtual environment requires a different approach and a new set of technologies that are purpose-built for the virtual environment.

As part of its recently launched TippingPoint Virtual Controller (vController), TippingPoint will use Reflex Systems' vTrust ™ technology to enable more sophisticated segmentation (virtual trust zones), policy enforcement, as well as monitoring, filtering and control of VM-to-VM traffic. vTrust also takes advantage of VMware's VMsafe API to deliver a more granular level of visibility and control into communication within the VMware virtual environment.

Security and Management of Virtual Environments

Reflex's award-winning Virtualization Management Center (VMC) manages and protects virtual servers, desktops, and networks providing a management, security and compliance solution that correlates infrastructure configuration changes with network services and security events. This integrated approach enables enterprise organizations to improve performance while increasing business efficiency and business continuity in the virtual data center.

Reflex VMC is designed to provide customers with the essential security and management capabilities needed to effectively manage and secure complex, dynamic virtual environments, capitalize on their existing virtualization investment, reduce cost through efficient management, minimize downtime, and maintain a reliable virtualized infrastructure running critical applications. VMC integrates security, compliance, audit and management of the virtual environment by providing visibility, correlation, control and automation through a single pane of glass.

By integrating Reflex's VMC with the TippingPoint IPS, customers will be able to gain control and audit their physical and virtual environments saving time and money while providing a more comprehensive view of the environment for security and compliance purposes.

"As organizations move toward virtualization they are looking to extend enterprise-class network security into the virtual environment," said Alan Kessler, president of TippingPoint. "By tapping into Reflex's virtualization expertise, we can provide our customers an effective solution for improving security, achieving regulatory compliance, and reducing total cost of ownership across their entire infrastructure, whether it's physical or virtual."

For more information or to purchase, please visit http://www.tippingpoint.com/products_virtualization.html

About TippingPoint and 3Com

TippingPoint is the enterprise security brand of 3Com Corporation, a $1.3 billion global enterprise networking solutions provider that sets a new price/performance standard for customers. 3Com has three global brands— H3C, 3Com, and TippingPoint—that offer high-performance networking and security solutions to enterprises large and small. TippingPoint leads the advancement of network security with a modern network security platform and intrusion prevention system (IPS), purpose-built to protect today’s next-generation data center network from evolving, global security threats. TippingPoint helps organizations reduce security operating costs while ensuring maximum business continuity. For more information on TippingPoint, please visit www.tippingpoint.com, or the press center at www.tippingpoint.com/press.

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About Reflex
Reflex Systems provides enterprise software solutions that vastly improve the ability for organizations to manage, scale, and automate virtualized data centers and private clouds. By integrating monitoring, performance, capacity, configuration management and security in a single solution, companies can streamline automation, reduce cost, increase performance, and provide flexibility and scalability for IT resources. Purpose-built for virtualization, Reflex VMC (Virtualization Management Center), in conjunction with vWatch, vTrust, vProfile and vCapacity, provides infrastructure discovery and visualization, timeline-based management, application/services inventory, network security, performance, capacity, configuration management and dynamic policy enforcement. Reflex Systems is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is privately held. For more information, including a trial download of Reflex VMC, visit www.reflexsystems.com. Follow Reflex at http://twitter.com/ReflexSystems and The vCurve Blog: blog.reflexsystems.com.

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